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Scrap Metal Buying
Used Auto Parts
Junk Vehicle Purchase & Pickup
Junk Vehicle


Scrap Metal Buying

Paying top prices for scrap iron, steel, 

copper, brass, aluminum, stainless & more!

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  • State-Certified 70’ truck scale
  • Immediate payment via Cash or Check
  • Heavy equipment to help unload


  • Scrap Automobiles and Trucks (Must have title)
  • Industrial Scrap
  • Farm Machinery
  • Light Iron & Appliances (without Freon)
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Aluminum (no cans)
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heavy Scrap
  • Plate and Structural Scrap
  • Oversized Steel Equipment
  • Lead-Acid Batteries


  • Non-metallics (paper, dirt, stone, concrete, etc.)
  • Closed containers
  • Propane bottles
  • Items containing PCBs or CFCs
  • Balled/Mangled Rebar
  • Chain-Link Fence
  • Hybrid or Full Electric Vehicles
  • Camper/RVs
  • Loose oil filters
  • Liquids
  • Any hazardous material
  • Electronics
  • Fracking Pipe
  • Aluminum Cans

Used Auto Parts

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  • 30-day warranty from date of purchase on engines, transmissions & transfer cases that were pulled by Clear Salvage LLC staff 
  • All other purchases are final 
  • Pull your own parts or we can pull them for you for an additional fee Contact Us For a Quote
  • We accept cash or charge
  • Heavy equipment to help load motors, transmission, rears, and more. 


 Admittance to the yard is FREE!

Clear Salvage LLC Junk Yard Rules »

If not followed you will be escorted off of the property!

  1. 1
    Under 12 years old - No Admittance 
  2. 2
    12 to 17 years old with Adult Supervision Only
  3. 3
    No Jacks
  4. 4
    No Open Flames 
  5. 5
    No Drugs or Alcohol
  6. 6
    No Weapons 
  7. 7
    No Pets 
  8. 8
    No Open-Toed Shoes

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Junk Vehicle
Purchase & Pickup

At Clear Salvage, we make it easy to get Cash for Cars in DuBois!  Feel free to bring your vehicle directly to the scale, or if the vehicle is not running, give us a call at (814) 583-5128 to schedule a FREE pickup. 

Junk Vehicle

Cash For Cars Requirements

To sell your vehicle to Clear Salvage LLC we require the following:

  • Vehicle title with no open liens
  • State issued photo ID
  • Owner signature in presence of Clear Salvage employee
  • That’s it! Time for CASH from our on-site ATM!

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